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Welcome to A Horse's Dream



How can I pay for my lesson?

We accept cash and checks as forms of payment.


What should I wear for my first lesson?

We recommend wearing long pants (jeans work well) and sneakers or shoes with a heel. We will provide you with an ASTM approved helmet for your first few lessons.

Note: Bicycle helmets are not acceptable as horseback riding helmets.

I have to cancel my lesson, what do I do?

We have a 24-HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY. Customers must inform their instructor 24-hours prior to the start of their lesson, otherwise a $25 fee must be paid before the next lesson.

Why is there a cancellation fee?

We have a cancellation fee because both our instructor's time and our ring time are important. We also need to be able to plan horse assignments and the number of students in each lesson.

Why can't I lesson on Monday?

We are open 6 days of the week and only closed on Mondays (and major holidays). 

We do this to allow the horses to have a day of quiet and to have time when the owners can work on the property without disturbing lessons.

How do I get started?

We're excited that you're interested in starting riding lessons! Please reach out to us to schedule a lesson or if you have any questions.


Never ridden before...

"I had never ridden before and was nervous-excited to try. As an adult I was worried about my capabilities and how my body would handle it all. My instructor made me feel comfortable and brought me along at the right pace. She knew when to push me and when I was at my limits. I highly recommend Farrington and their teaching skills."

Girl scout troop...

"As a girl scout troop leader it takes a lot to arrange our trips for our badges. Sue made everything really easy to schedule and her staff was professional and made sure everyone had a good time."

More confident daughter...

"My daughter began riding at Farrington over 7 years ago, and has made amazing strides in not only her riding, but her overall confidence in life! The owners and trainers offer personalized attention to riders of all levels! They have horses and ponies for all levels of riding, give it a try!"

Boarder approved...

"Farrington Farms offers a plethora of equestrian services, and has a knowledgeable staff that genuinely puts the best interest of both horse and rider first. Over the last 8 years that my horse and I have been here, Sue Ippoliti has ensured that we have received top notch training and care. Highly recommend for riders of all ages and all levels."

Fixed my horse...

"A bought a green horse with another trainer and unfortunately he developed some issues. I came to Farrington because I attend Rutgers University and since I've been here my horse and I have become a team again. Sue has been great! She fixed my boy and helped me with my riding. 

A great facility, with great instructors, and really close to Rutgers!"

More than just quality care...

"When my horse needed unexpected surgery, I knew I couldn't afford it. Everyone at the barn banned together and started a GoFundMe and we were able to get my horse the surgery he needed.

Thank you to everyone <3"