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Welcome to A Horse's Dream

The Ippoliti Family

Sue & Gary Ippoliti

Susan Leiter Ippoliti, owner/head trainer, has over 45  years of experience showing, training and caring for horses. Her devotion, enthusiasm and willingness to go above and beyond for her students and horses has led to the success of Farrington Farms. Sue has a unique talent in developing students from their first lesson all the way through national competitions. She also has a proven track record in fixing horses with training issues. 

Gary, owner/operator, is a crucial part in how successful Farrington Farms has become. He has taken the facility from a "fixer upper" to a well groomed show facility. Whether it's fixing the fences or making sure the riding rings are beautifully manicured, he's always working to bring the stable to the next level. We would be lost without his dedication, hard work and ability to fix anything.

Brian Ippoliti

Brian has been riding horses and competing from a young age. Brian also had to the opportunity to ride at Glenview Stables with the Caristo family, working and showing in Saugerties, NY and at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Florida. Brian's talent and contributions have been a vital part in the progression of many horses. 

Not only has Brian excelled in the equestrian world, he has also become a popular and well sought after personal fitness trainer. Brian has gone from the #1 trainer at a well known NJ gym to quickly moving up the ranks as a trainer at an extremely well known gym in Manhattan. 

While working and being in school Brian has also taken the time to become involved in an up and coming company that provides supplements to both fitness and body builders.

Brian is a very driven individual and strives for the best in everything he does. 


Dominic Ippoliti

Dominic rode horses when he was younger, but then discovered a different kind of horse-power.

After graduating in the top of his class, Dominic is now employed at a well known Mercedes dealership in Central NJ. His ability to fix anything with a motor has come in handy around the farm and with his clients.

Contact Dominic at Starautowerks.

The Farrington Family


We do things together...

Whether it's your first horse show or your 100th, you will have a team of supporters. 


We support each other no matter what...

We're not all about the riding, we support each other in all aspects of life. 


We all may be different...

But we all have the same love for horses and for riding.